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Top Reasons to Avoid Foreclosure or Trustee Sale

After foreclosure, it may be nearly impossible to finance another home

In the current post-recession economy, lending standards are tighter than they have been in decades and a foreclosure on your credit history will do great damage. Even if your income is steady and other debts are manageable, the scar from a completed foreclosure may be an insurmountable obstacle to financing the purchase of another home. Even if your present home is more than you need or can afford, avoiding the foreclosure should be a high priority.

Bankruptcy and alternatives to bankruptcy may offer ways to rehabilitate your loan and keep your home

Various non-bankruptcy programs enacted by the Federal Government are available, like the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) may allow your mortgage lender to postpone the foreclosure while your loan modification or refinance options are evaluated. Even if you have applied and been turned down for modification by your mortgage company before, you may be eligible to re-apply under HAMP or HARP.

If all else fails, filing a bankruptcy case prior to the sale date guarantees the sale will have to be cancelled or postponed, until Bankruptcy Court gives the mortgage company permission. While you're under bankruptcy court protection, we can propose a plan for you to catch up back mortgage payments, eliminate second mortgage loans and home equity lines of credit, remove tax liens and judgments against the home and put you back on firm footing as a home owner. If you don't intend to keep the home in the long-run, you can buy time during the bankruptcy case, at least several months and sometimes years, to make arrangments for you and your family to plan an orderly, dignified move to other accomodations and even list and sell the property for profit, all under bankruptcy court protection.

Don't let the equity skimmers and mortgage-savers get the benefit of your hard work and sacrifice

The time, effort, investment and attachment you have for your home make up the largest asset most of us will ever own. Don't let fast-talking real estate agents and so-called investors steal away your cash equity, or your sweat equity. Your possession of the home itself has a value for you and your family. The minute you make a deal with those who want to end up with title to your property, you've raised the white flag and surrendered. By meeting with our experienced mortgage crisis attorneys you can get a full menu of options that will ensure you stay in possession and retain title as long as possible, and get back as much or more than you've invested in the property, before turning over the keys. There are numerous possibilities the sharks don't want you to know about and it would be a terrible mistake and disservice to your family to make any deal without consulting our compassionate and talented professionals. If there's a way to keep your home, we'll find it. And if you can get any money back out of it, we'll help you get it.

Foreclosure frequently means you lose the home and continue to suffer under the weight of other mounting debt obligations. We offer a comprehensive program for complete financial recovery that saves the home and resolves other debt problems as well.

You don't have to accept eviction as the natural result of a trustee sale. We can buy you time to weigh various options that can keep you in the property for the short-term, and propose intermediate and long-term solutions too. If the mortgage is just one of many debt struggles, a bankruptcy case can offer a fresh financial start that maximizes your possession and use of the property, lets you retain it and pay just the first mortgage, eliminating junior mortgages and settling judgment liens and tax liens, and restructuring and eliminating almost all other debts, so you end up with not just a new deal on your home, but a whole new lease on life.

Your mortgage company has a lawyer. You should too.

Without an experienced attorney in your corner, you enter the ring blindfolded and with one hand tied behind your back when you go up against your mortgage company.

Anthony Clark and Associates has represented thousands of individuals facing home foreclosure and every one of them kept their homes who could make the effort and follow our simple programs. Bankruptcy reorganization is not about politics or persuasion. It's all about the facts and your ability to meet the basic requirements. We'll show you how and put a plan together that meets your needs and expectations. The rest is up to you. Whether the mortgage company agrees or not, we know your rights and we guarantee you'll be treated fairly and get every advantage available under the law.

According to the State Bar of Arizona, there are over 800 lawyers who call themselves bankruptcy attorneys in Arizona, and it seems like better than half those lawyers advertising for bankruptcy services graduated from law school in the past five or ten years and have handled relatively few cases. Even with little or no experience in bankruptcy, they know how this disasterous economy has left many consumers over-obligated, underpaid or unemployed, driving up the demand, and the price, for bankruptcy protection. Most of them know where Bankruptcy Court is and roughly how the process works and that's enough to keep them out of trouble. But not enough to get you the best result available under the law.

Mortgage restructuring and bankruptcy are complicated. You need a representative who knows the complex new laws and rules. Get advice before it's too late and choose an attorney based on expertise and knowledge. Choose with confidence. If a lawyer discusses just one option for you to save your home, you really need a second opinion. We will evaluate your situation and advise you ABSOLUTELY FREE !


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