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You Are Eligible For Chapter 7 Once Every Eight Years and with the right Attorney it Takes Just A Few Months from Start to Finish

Other chapters may offer benefits not available in Chapter 7, but Chapter 7 is by far the simplest and quickest of all bankruptcy procedures. Let our experienced attorneys evaluate your case for free and you'll know all your options, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Chapter 11, Debt Consolidation, Debt Management and Out of Court Settlements. There is no minimum or maximum amount of debt to qualify for Chapter 7, and you do not have to be behind on your payments in order to file. Chapter 7 is a powerful tool when you need to get a fresh financial start. A detailed, pre-qualifying attorney evaluation will reveal the pros and cons of Chapter 7. An experienced attorney will tell you, you should file Chapter 7 only when the need is great and the benefits are substantial

There are two procedures available under the Bankruptcy Code to adjust consumer debt; Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. If you have never filed a bankruptcy case and you have a regular source of income, you qualify for both procedures. Federal law requires your bankruptcy attorney to tell you about both

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Requirements For Chapter 7 Relate to How Often You Can File, Where You Should File, What Debts You Can Eliminate and What Property You Can Keep

Chapter 7 is available only once every eight years. Otherwise, anyone who resides, works or owns property in the United States can file for Bankruptcy Relief. Our attorneys can file your Bankruptcy case electronically wherever you have resided at least 91 days, or where you have your principal asset or place of business. Your income during the six months prior to filing can effect your eligability. A detailed attorney analysis of your income, debts and expenses is needed to be sure you qualify.

The Means Test is relatively new law and not many lawyers understand it and can apply it correctly. If your income makes you ineligible for Chapter 7, an inexperienced attorney who only takes Chapter 7 cases could be setting you up to incur thousands of dollars in additional attorneys fees and delaying the completion of your bankruptcy by months or years. Our attorneys have the expertise and experience to make sure you know your options before you file, so you get the very best results for you and your family, as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

Bankruptcy court could deny you a discharge in Chapter 7 if you hide or transfer property prior to fling a Bankruptcy case intending to conceal it from the Trustee and creditors. Destroying or concealing financial records could be grounds for denying you a discharge too. Tell your attorney about all transfers and payments during your free pre-qualifying evaluation to ensure best results.

Married Persons Can File Bankruptcy Jointly, Reducing the Costs of Bankruptcy and Getting Both Spouses Out of Debt At the Same Time.

If you are married, you or your spouse may qualify to file individually and, if both are eligible, you may file jointly and reduce the overall expense and effort required to get a Bankruptcy discharge. Our attorneys can advise you fully about the effects of being married and filing individually. If you incurred debts during the marriage, you should consider carefully whether filing individually will produce the best results, even if your spouse did not sign for the debts, since your spouse may be legally liable for all debts incurred during the marriage, regardless of who signed for it. Only an experienced attorney can advise you fully about how bankruptcy will affect community debts and your spouse's liability if you choose file individually.

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People Engaged in Business Are Also Eligible for Chapter 7 Which Eliminates Their Business Debts Too

If you are engaged in business, your personal Chapter 7 will also eliminate all dischargeable business debts for which you could be personally liable. If you are a sole proprietor, many times the operation of your business is not affected in any way when you file for personal Bankruptcy. If your debts are mostly business debts, the Means Test in Chapter 7 might not apply to your case. If you are incorporated or you formed an LLC or partnership, Chapter 7 for your business might be money wasted (corporations, LLCs and partnerships are not eligible for Chapter 7 discharge and you will continue to be personally liable for any debts you guaranteed on behalf of the business if the business files a bankruptcy case and you do not file). Especially when business assets and activities are involved, consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney can make the difference between a fresh financial start and a financial funeral for your business. Our attorneys have extensive experience across hundreds of business-related bankruptcy cases to ensure you are able to predict the outcome of a contemplated Chapter 7 bankruptcy that involves your sole proprietorship.



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