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Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common form of debt relief.  Get free legal advice about bankruptcy chapter 7 chapter 13 bankruptcy chapter 11 bankruptcy and how to get out of debt.  Your bankruptcy attorney has to tell you about chapter 7 chapter  11 and bankruptcy chapter 13 if you are filing bankruptcy to get out of debt.  If you have bankruptcy questions, need to stop foreclosure, need credit card bankruptcy, or just wonder what is bankruptcy, review free legal advice online about bankruptcy laws.

Chapter 7 Eliminates Almost All Debts

Filing Bankruptcy Eliminates All Kinds of Debts, Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Foreclosures, Repossessions, Bank Charges, Business Debts Too

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Phoenix Mesa Scottsdale Glendale Arizona - Click to Call - iPhone® and Android™ Chapter 7 is a procedure that is available only once every eight years. The effect of Chapter 7 is to discharge or eliminate all of your dischargeable debt. Certain debts are not dischargeable. Certain taxes, guaranteed student loans, back child support and alimony, debts incurred by fraud, criminal fines, costs and restitutions, are all non-dischargeable. There are a few other narrow exceptions.

Wipe Out Back Taxes

Not many people know this (not many lawyers even), but Bankruptcy actually eliminates taxes. If you qualify, you can get rid of State and Federal taxes, except taxes for the three years before filing Bankruptcy. Other restrictions apply. We can tell you which taxes go away and which taxes will still be around afterwards.

Erase High Interest Debts and Give Your Family a Brighter Future

More Than Half of All Marriages End In Divorce. And All too Often, Kids Suffer More Than Their Parents. Money Problems and Marital Problems Go Hand-in-Hand.


When Parents go their separate ways, their expenses usually double, since maintaining two households easily costs twice as much as one, leaving even less money to provide a stable home life for the kids. Parents should never have to choose between paying credit cards and paying support obligations. Bankruptcy eliminates almost all debts, making it possible to pay support payments and give your kids a more secure and comfortable childhood. If you are supposed to pay child support, getting rid of other debts lets you be the best parent you can be to your children. Chapter 7 may allow you to make your obligations to support your dependents your number one priority and prevent creditors from getting between you and your duties as a parent.

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Student Loans Shouldn't Be the Thing You Remember Most About Your Education

It's a well established fact that higher education gives you more career options and higher earnings over your lifetime. But if most of your higher earnings have to go to pay student loans for the foreseeable future, it's hard to see the benefit from all those years of study. If Student Loans are a big part of your debt problems, filing Chapter 7 and eliminating all your other debts lets you focus on paying student loan debt and gets you back on track for the career you worked so hard to acheive. Under limited circumstances, with the right bankruptcy lawyer at your side, you can ask bankrupcty court to discharge (eliminate) certain student loan obligations. Be sure to ask us about special treatment of student loans in bankruptcy.

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Chapter 7 Overcomes Tragedy and Helps Put Honest Mistakes Behind You

Bankruptcy Laws protect you from unforeseen consequences and circumstances beyond your control, like failed business plans, broken relationships, career changes, and medical emergencies that could leave you in debt for the rest of your life. There are almost no debts that bankruptcy does not eliminate if you act honestly with your creditors and the Bankruptcy Court. Chapter 7 might not protect you from dishonest debts, like money you borrowed under a false or fraudulent credit application and debts you owe because of embezzlement or theft. Debts you owe because you injured someone intentionally and debts to someone injured while you were driving impaired are also not eliminated in Chapter 7. However, some debts not eliminated in Chapter 7 can be eliminated in Chapter 13.

Bankruptcy Court Treats Everyone Fairly

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy eliminates your debts and gives you a fresh financial start and the Bankruptcy law also protects your creditors, including credit card companies when you take advantage of available credit and run up your debts just before filing bankruptcy. If you made cash advances or luxury purchases shortly before filing, the creditor may object to the bankruptcy and the Court might allow those debts to survive the bankruptcy. Be sure to tell us about any recent credit card purchases to avoid complications and surprises. And if you know a bankruptcy is in your future, avoid incurring debts unless you have no better choice for meeting your needs. If in doubt, get advice from your bankruptcy lawyer. Call us.


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