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For some,Chapter 13 is Better than Chapter 7

Keep All Property | Lower Interest Rates

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Phoenix Mesa Bell Road Scottsdale Arizona - Click to Call - iPhone® and Android™ Chapter 13 is a plan of reorganization where you propose to make a monthly payment that you can afford over a period of time, at least 36 months, to try to repay as much of your debt as you can. In Chapter 13, you will catch up on back mortgage payments, pay just what your vehicles are worth (not the full amount you owe), even adjust and eliminate certain taxes that would be unaffected by Chapter 7. You can also keep certain property that might be sold to pay creditors if you were filing a Chapter 7. At the end of the Plan, you are all caught up on your home, your vehicles are paid for, and all your other debts are eliminated. Again, with the exception of student loans and back child support, which will still be owed afterwards and will have continued to accrue interest.

Most Debts Can Be Reorganized and Eliminated in Chapter 13, some that can't be eliminated in Chapter 7. Our experienced Chapter 13 attorneys know the difference

Stop Home Foreclosure

Our attorneys can stop foreclosure right up until the minute of the sale. Then you can catch up on back payments over time and keep your home. Make loan modification permanent

Eliminate Second Mortgage and Home Equity Loans

If the value of your home does not exceed the amount of your first mortgage, your Chapter 13 attorney can re-classify the second mortgage, home equity line of credit and home improvement loans and eliminate them forever after Chapter 13

According to the Clerk of Bankruptcy Court, over 90% of Chapter 13 cases filed without an attorney get dismissed (thrown out) or converted to Chapter 7.

Stop Penalties and Interest, Adjust and Eliminate More Tax Liabilities than Chapter 7

You may be able eliminate all tax debts, even those not eliminated by Chapter 7. Our attorneys know which taxes you can eliminate. Many attorneys leave it up to the government to decide. We take responsibility for your outcome and work hard to ensure you get the best. Timing is everything when it comes to taxes in bankruptcy. Only an experienced bankruptcy attorney knows how to apply the bankruptcy rules to get you the maximum relief available.

Reorganize Guaranteed Student Loans

Even if you can't pay the loans in full, you can service the debt through Chapter 13 and stop collection activity against you while the Chapter 13 case is pending. Without highly qualified attorney assistance, there is virtually no chance of eliminating student loans. Ask our attorneys about specialized procedures to eliminate government loan guarantees that back your student loans and make them non-dischargeable. Very few attorneys have our same level of experience litigating loan guarantees in bankruptcy court.

Lower Your Car Payments

If you owe more than your car is worth, your Chapter 13 attorney can structure a plan to allow you to pay just the value of your vehicle, not the total amount owe, reducing your interest rate and lowering your monthly payments.

Keep Property You Would Lose in Chapter 7

Chapter 13 lets you keep all your property and pay your creditors just the value of property you would lose in Chapter 7. Our attorneys can show you how to determine property values for bankruptcy purposes and structure a plan that satisfies bankruptcy code requirements.

Legal Protection For Those Who Do Not Qualify For Chapter 7

An experienced bankruptcy attorney knows Chapter 7 is not available for everyone. If your earnings make you ineligible for Chapter 7 (when you earn too much) or if you filed a Chapter 7 within the past eight years, you can still get Bankruptcy Court protection in Chapter 13.

Many attorneys don't take Chapter 13 cases because they are more complicated than Chapter 7 and they are long-term solutions. Unfortunately for their clients, Chapter 13 is sometimes far more beneficial than Chapter 7. We've been practicing Chapter 13 for more than 20 years. We didn't just crop up overnight and we know what it means to "go for the long-haul".

Don't limit your options or settle for less than the maximum benefits available to you under the bankruptcy law by hiring attorneys who can't detail the differences between Chapters and allow you make an informed decision about what's best for you and your family. That's our number one priority.

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