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Chapter 11 Reorganizes Business and Personal Debt - Even Co-signed and Guaranteed Debts

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Chapter 11 is the most feature-rich form of bankruptcy available and it allows businesses and individuals to restructure complex assets and debts, employing creative, long-term problem-solving and concensus-building techniques to reconstruct key credit relationships. You can pick and choose between creditors that are essential to maintaining continuity of business operations and critical assets and contractual relations, continue dealing with those you need to stay in business and in control of your affairs, break ties with those you need to leave behind, and re-establish a fuctional regimine for managing revenue and demands for payment. Bankruptcy Law recognizes the value you and your profession or business bring to your community and your family. The right Chapter 11 attorney can help you avoid a debt crisis, pull you back from the brink of financial disaster and put you firmly on the road to a full recovery.  

Stop Foreclosure and Modify Mortgage Debts

If you are upside down or owe more than the property is worth, an experienced bankruptcy attorney can use Chapter 11 rules to pay just the fair market value of the real estate, not the full amount you owe.

Eliminate Second Mortgages and Equity Lines of Credit

A skillful bankruptcy lawyer knows how to eliminate second position liens, judgment liens, tax liens and mechanics liens against your property.

Keep Utility and Essential Services Running

If creditors threaten essential utility services, water, electricity, gas, telephone or telecommunication lines, your Chapter 11 attorney can force them to leave services on and let you start brand new billing.

Stop Penalties and Interest, Adjust and Eliminate More Tax Debts than in any other type of Bankruptcy

With the guidance of a well trained Chapter 11 attorney utilizing advanced bankruptcy strategies, you can leverage the bankruptcy code to eliminate tax debts, even those not eliminated by Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. We have the experience and expertise and can apply it with laser precision to ensure you take advantage of every benefit and loophole available under state and federal tax laws and the Bankruptcy Code.

Reorganize Government Guaranteed Loans

Even Small Business Administration loans can be reorganized and eliminated. We have extensive experience dealing with the Small Business Administration, the Office of the United States Attorney and the United States Trustee Program, which oversees Chapter 11 cases. Our track record and reputation as Chapter 11 reorganization attorneys ensures your plan to restructure debts gets serious, thoughtful review by the authorities who influence and shape your final outcome in court. When the authorities know they are dealing with our battle-tested attorneys, they take extra care to respect your rights to avoid penalties for overreaching and heavy-handed tactics.

Retain all your property, including real estate and vehicles, inventory, business tools and equipment, tradenames, trademarks, copyrights and other valuable intellectual property

Even if creditors have rights to the property and threaten a lockout, asset seizures, or to shut you down, Chapter 11 lets you retain all property, including all business assets, while you get your affairs in order. Only an experienced Chapter 11 attorney can outline a workable solution for dealing with creditors' rights to avoid losing the assets you need in order to recover.

Keep Property You Would Lose in Chapter 7

There are dozens of young Phoenix area bankruptcy lawyers who file Chapter 7 cases daily in order to get quick-and-dirty relief for their clients, because Chapter 7 is simple, inexpensive and requires relatively little effort from the bankruptcy lawyer. However, many of those filing Chapter 7 end up losing property in the process. Individuals and Businesses can keep all property in Chapter 11. As your attorney in Chapter 11, we make sure you can meet bankruptcy court requirements to hold on to property you would lose in Chapter 7. Most Chapter 11s fail and only a handful of Arizona lawyers have successfully completed Chapter 11 plans of reorganization. As your bankruptcy attorney, we bring a record of credability and success to the negotiating table in every case, an advantage that's hard to find and one you can't afford to be without.

Chapter 11 Offers Solutions, Even When Other Chapters Are Not Available

An inexperienced bankruptcy lawyer uses Chapter 7 like an Army surgeon used bone saws in the Civil War: if the wound looks serious, just amputate the limb. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will tell you Chapter 7 is not a panacea and can permanently destroy any chance of reviving an individual or business struggling with debt. Chapter 7 should be the last resort for an individual with complex financial affairs. For a business, Chapter 7 is the equivalent of a cremation or burial. Some individuals don't qualify for Chapter 7. And if you're engaged in business, you might have to close your business if you can't buy it back from the Chapter 7 Trustee. Most attorneys simply have no idea how Chapter 11 works and can't begin to explain the possibilities, or requirements, in a Chapter 11 plan of reorganization.

Chapter 13 has debt limits that could make you ineligible if you owe too much, and only natural persons can file. Chapter 13 is not available for corporations, partnerships or LLCs. Chapter 11 has no time limit, where Chapter 13 is limited to five years. You can take as long as you need to reorganize in Chapter 11. As attorneys for Chapter 11 filers, we have gotten approval of Chapter 11 plans that reorganize debts over as long as twelve years, where most cases rarely exceed five years (the extra time allows our clients to achieve more under bankruptcy court protection than would be possible in a shorter term).

In complex personal cases and in business cases, as your Chapter 11 attorney we make sure you have a complete menu of options for negotiating, settling, restructuring and eliminating debt while retaining everything you need to make a full financial recovery. Your family and business associates deserve a chance to get the benefit of a well-planned, expertly crafted reorganization which will avoid the disappointment of a Chapter 7 liquidation. Only dedicated, highly skilled bankruptcy attorneys can deliver a plan everyone will agree makes sense. We have the requisite skill, dedication and experience to formulate such a plan.

In Chapter 11, it's a long road to recovery. You want an attorney that's been down that road before to guide you to a complete financial comeback. We want to be your attorneys, not just for the trouble at hand, but for the road ahead.

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