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Taxes can be modified and eliminated by well qualified attorneys in Phoenix Bankruptcy court

Bankruptcy Rules for Taxes are complicated.

You need knowledgeable, experienced bankruptcy lawyer assistance for best results

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Phoenix Mesa Bell Road Scottsdale Arizona - BANKRUPTCY ELIMINATES TAXES? Uncle Sam doesn't want you to know you can discharge taxes in bankruptcy.  State and Federal Income taxes can be discharged if the taxes meet the requirements.

Most Attorneys know little or nothing about dealing with Taxes in Bankruptcy. If you face filing, Get the most out of bankruptcy and eliminate major tax debts too. Only lawyers with advanced knowledge, skill and experience dealing with taxes in bankruptcy can promise best results

Everyone knows taxes are hard to deal with, whether you are filing bankruptcy or not. Even relatively few lawyers know bankruptcy eliminates tax debts when the tax debts meet the requirements for discharge in bankruptcy. If you ask ten lawyers, not necessarily bankruptcy lawyers, "Can I eliminate taxes in bankruptcy?" Six will tell you, "No, you cannot eliminate taxes in bankruptcy." Four bankruptcy lawyers will tell you it is possible, if you satisfy the requirements. Three bankruptcy lawyers will say the taxes have to be more than three years old. Two bankruptcy lawyers will tell you to file the tax returns before you can discharge taxes in bankruptcy. And only one bankruptcy lawyer will be able to tell you, correctly, what all the relevant rules are for discharging taxes in bankruptcy, and spot the exceptions. On average, most lawyers do not know the rules and cannot apply them to your tax bankruptcy problems and give you accurate answers.

We have eliminated millions of dollars in taxes and tax-related debts in bankruptcy for our clients in the course of more than two decades delivering high quality, affordable bankruptcy attorney services in the Phoenix area

Bankruptcy law recognizes that honest tax-payers sometimes get in hopeless tax debt and deserve a fresh financial start, just like with credit cards and medical debts. Especially when it comes to dealing with serious tax problems, getting the most out of your bankruptcy filing requires getting help and advice from expertly qualified bankruptcy lawyers who know how bankruptcy rules affect taxes and how to discharge taxes in bankruptcy. Getting rid of taxes in bankruptcy is not based on how much TV advertising your attorney does. There are no tricks, no gimmicks, no discount fees or bankruptcy bundles that can eliminate your taxes. And it is not a political competition based on who you know, or a beauty contest for bankruptcy lawyers. Eliminating taxes in bankruptcy takes knowledge, skill and homework.

Paying $595 or less for Bankruptcy will not guarantee your bankruptcy attorney will have time to do the homework necessary to get your taxes discharged and eliminated while you have the chance

Since your eligibility for filing bankruptcy and eliminating your debts in bankruptcy is limited (you can only get a bankruptcy discharge in Chapter 7 once every eight years, and you are ineligible for a bankruptcy discharge in Chapter 13 if you received a Chapter 7 discharge within the previous four years or a Chapter 13 discharge within the preceding two years), you need expert bankruptcy legal analysis and advice before you file the case in order to ensure you get the most benefits available under bankruptcy law. You cannot plan your bankruptcy and verify all the facts necessary to guarantee the best results if your lawyer only does the analysis after you pay low-cost fees and file your quickie bankruptcy.

Filing a cheap bankruptcy is like checking into a cheap hotel. They don't ask too many questions, you don't know exactly what you'll find, things smell a little fishy, and you should keep your fingers crossed that you don't wake up with something you'll regret, something that might stick with you a long time

Bankruptcy laws provide that some debts are not dischargeable (not eliminated) when you file bankruptcy. A good bankruptcy lawyer knows exactly how to determine which of your debts are going to be eliminated and which are not. When it can go either way with a particular debt, the outcome is almost always a matter of timing. Whether certain debts will be eliminated or not is something that is determined, in most bankruptcy cases, on the date of filing.

Timing is everything. Especially when it comes to discharging taxes in bankruptcy, your fate is printed in the pages of calendars. Only specially skilled bankruptcy attorneys can read your tax debt future by looking into the past

Applying the bankruptcy rules that determine which taxes are eliminated and discharged in bankruptcy and which will still be owed afterwards is complicated. Very few lawyers know the rules, even fewer bankruptcy lawyers can apply them. Those bankruptcy lawyers who will accurately apply the bankruptcy rules to your facts and advise you correctly about how and when to file your bankruptcy case in order to eliminate the maximum amount of debt and get the maximum benefits out of your bankruptcy case are not going to take the time necessary if your total bankruptcy attorneys fees are $595 or some other silly, arbitrary number.

Compare paying a flat fee for a bankruptcy lawyer to paying a flat fee for heart surgery - When your time is up, your services stop. Complications cost extra. Your meter better not run out while you are still on the table

Bargain bankruptcy lawyer discounts might make sense if your financial affairs are unusually simple (single, not divorced, not self-employed, unemployed or retired, no real estate, no automobile loans, modest credit card debts, no credit union, no major medical debts, no tax debts). Bankruptcy for most people is a complicated process that will affect all aspects of your finances for decades to come. From the availability of future credit, to the rate of interest you will pay, insurance rates, qualifications for job applications, background checks, even future marriage prospects may be influenced by a prior bankruptcy. If filing bankruptcy is in your best interests, it is extremely important that you get assistance, guidance, advice and representation from a highly qualified, experienced, knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer.

We guarantee you will eliminate all tax debts that can be eliminated in bankruptcy, because we know the bankruptcy rules and how to apply them to your case to get the maximum benefits available under the bankruptcy law.

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