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A Good Bankruptcy Lawyer knows it's not easy for you to pay the cost of bankruptcy. We give you options on the Fees

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Bankruptcy Court wants You to Have A Good Lawyer at a Reasonable Cost

The Court wants everyone going through bankruptcy to have competent, well paid legal representation. When inexperienced lawyers get into unfamiliar territory, it can cause the Judges, Clerks and other parties lots of headaches. So the Court prefers you have an attorney that knows the ropes and gets paid well to do a good job. But the Court also recognizes that others are interested in your limited resources as well and wants to prevent excessive fee-taking by anyone in the case, including your own lawyer. Many factors affect attorneys fees in bankruptcy cases, including the location of the Court, the financial profile of the person filing, the type of bankruptcy, the demand for bankruptcy services in the area, the availability of qualified lawyers in the area, the availability of non-attorney services, and most of all the complexity and difficulty of the case. No two cases are just alike.

The Rules of Professional Conduct (lawyer ethics rules) encourage and, to some degree, obligate attorneys to render at least some service to their communities for free or at reduced rates on a regular basis. Organizations like Community Legal Services and the States' Bar Associations maintain lists of attorneys needing to fulfill their pro bono service obligations.

Because Bankruptcy is a highly specialized area of law, it's usually only lawyers who have some experience in Bankruptcy matters that are willing to volunteer their efforts in Bankruptcy Court, and wisely so. An inexperienced lawyer's good intentions might result in some disadvantage or loss that cannot be corrected. Inexperienced lawyers, and lawyers who dabble in bankruptcy or have not been exposed to the many New Rules adopted in 2005, can usually only suggest the most familiar and comfortable approach to a problem that could be handled in a much more satisfying way, if an attorney with more experience were in charge. An inexperienced attorney is getting on-the-job-training (you pay the way while the lawyer learns the law). Unfortunately, sometimes that means you have fewer options to choose from and your result is not the very best you could have hoped for. Sometimes, you get an irreversibly bad result and there is no sum of money that could easily fix the problem.

To accomodate a broad range of diverse needs for our clients, we offer three basic attorney fee arrangments: "flat fee" agreements for most Chapter 7 cases, with provisions for how complications will be dealt with, "plan funded" fees for most Chapter 13 cases, where most fees come from your reorganization plan, and "hourly" fee arrangments for Chapter 11 and more complex case patterns.

With any luck, you will file for bankruptcy protection only once, but with complete certainty, your bankruptcy case will affect you and your family for years to come. With a competent, experienced bankruptcy attorney in charge, the benefits of the process will far outweigh the burdens in every measure.



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