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Declaring Bankruptcy Can Cost Less than Cable TV

How much does it cost to declare bankruptcy ? After we evaluate your case, naturally the first question is, how much are attorneys fees for bankruptcy? Actually, even before we evalute your case, the first question is always, How much do you charge? Many factors effect how much attorney fees will end up being in a given bankruptcy case, including how urgent your legal needs are and what kinds of challenges, obstacles and risks your bankruptcy case presents for your lawyer. If a bankruptcy lawyer charges the client too much, it damages the attorney-client relationship from day-one and the bankruptcy attorney might even have to refund money to the client. If the bankruptcy lawyer doesn't charge enough, the next bankruptcy case might be the lawyer's own bankruptcy. Bottom line, we aim to give you the very best results at the most reasonable cost.

Some bankruptcy mills promise flat fees (for example, $595 for Chapter 7), and the fee is not all that's flat (you'll probably get just the bare minimum service required to squeeze you through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that you should pray doesn't become complicated). We offer fee arrangements for basic chapter 7 bankruptcy that include options for handling complications and additional services that some clients want and others can do without.

How much are attorney fees for bankruptcy depends on the particulars of your case

Many larger bankruptcy firms offer hourly billing, where final charges are based on the total time the bankruptcy attorney and staff spend handling your case, including expenses. Very rarely do consumer bankruptcy cases in our office involve detailed expense accounting, but some consumer bankruptcy cases can involve problems that take months or even years to resolve, sometimes dealing with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt that an experienced bankruptcy attorney can eliminate, but a less-qualified bankruptcy lawyer might leave you paying. Our first priority is making sure you get every benefit and take full advantage of our top-level expertise and decades of experience. How much service you need and want is ultimately up to you and we explain all your options every step along the way.

How much does Chapter 7 bankruptcy cost ? In most Chapter 7 cases, we charge about $1000, plus costs, more or less depending on the details of your case. In Chapter 13 cases, you can get immediate protection (stop garnishment, stop repossession, stop foreclosure) for no-up-front-fees in some cases, but usually you must pay at least the bankruptcy filing fee prior to filing. The Arizona Bankruptcy Court considers $4500 a reasonable fee in Chapter 13 cases, which works out to $75 per month (about what most people pay for cable television).

We usually need less than $1000 to file your Chapter 13 bankruptcy, while most firms require thousands. You typically pay a portion of the total charges for Chapter 13 prior to filing and the balance of the attorney fees through your Chapter 13 Plan of reorganization. Some high-pressure firms want most or all of the fees up-front. Don't let yourself be pressured by bankruptcy law firms that want you to pay too much up front, when you should be able to hold on to those funds to pay your living expenses while the case is being prepared and filed. We've been waiting patiently for years in many cases. We'll be patient for you too.

How much are attorney fees for bankruptcy depends on the particulars of your case

Chapter 11 cases are even more specialized than Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and there are few attorneys who offer Chapter 11 services, and even fewer lawyers who are qualified. Chapter 11 gives an experienced bankruptcy lawyer a much wider assortment of tools to work with, your lawyer can be a lot more creative with the plan of reorganization than in Chapter 13 and the attorneys fees for Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be substantial. You don't have to pay attorneys fees for Chapter 11 bankruptcy all at once. But a relatively simple Chapter 11 case might easily involve $10,000 or more. For business cases, Chapter 11 fees easily top $20,000 and in larger cases can range into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, for bankruptcy cases like those of General Motors and the Phoenix Coyotes. Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases are a very small fraction of bankruptcy filings and fewer than 25% are confirmed (approved). We have an extraordinarily high rate of success in our Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases with over 70% of cases approved by the Bankruptcy Court.


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