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Your bankruptcy attorney represents you. The Trustee represents creditors. The Clerk maintains the record of information presented in your case. The Court (a judge) rarely gets involved, and only when the parties disagree or someone fails to do their duty under the bankruptcy laws).

The outcome of your bankruptcy case is not like a sporting contest, where there is a clear winner and loser. It’s a complicated score that takes into consideration what you gained versus what you gave up. Some cases are shut-outs, others go into overtime, and some matches are forfeited. How much you pay out of pocket to your bankruptcy attorney, the court, the Trustee and others in connection with filing bankruptcy is a factor in the final score, but paying as little as possible to your attorney is definitely NOT how you win the game.

Remember, like most things in life, when it comes to your bankruptcy attorneys, you get what you pay for. Hiring a "cheap bankruptcy lawyer" probably means you get shoddy representation and mediocre results, since the attorney you hired is looking for every opportunity to avoid spending time on the case, based on the meager fees being charged. We know money is tight and while we offer competitive fees, we are true champions when it comes to your results. When your case is complete and for years after, we're sure you'll agree we earned every penny.

We focus on your outcome, the end result you will live with for decades after bankruptcy. To accurately to measure your outcome, you must begin by knowing the limitations of your options. Only an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who takes the time to study your options and explain them can give you that understanding. Too many lawyers offering services in bankruptcy simply have no experience other than with the simplest procedures and strategies. Frequently they’re desperate to get your case resolved, sometimes for bargain fees that get you just exactly what you pay for, which isn’t much. If your lawyer explains just one option, you need to get a second opinion.

If your team captain is new to the game, you might have a painful, embarrassing loss. Or maybe it’s not a blow out, but you end up limping away with a single-digit victory, when an experienced bankruptcy attorney could have made you a winner by a wide margin. Your bankruptcy lawyer should know every rule, expect every play and predict other players’ moves well in advance. You can’t defeat your opponents’ every maneuver, but with a good bankruptcy lawyer, you can come out solidly ahead and declare your case a strong win long into the future.


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